The safest and most comfortable camper.

Tago Campers is a South African based company that offers their clients a wide range of products with unique features and multiple uses.

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About Tago Campers

Tago Campers were developed to cater for specific unfulfilled needs that existed within the Camping and Outdoor Recreation market.


Tago Campers are the most affordable product of its kind in the camping and outdoors market.


Tago Campers unique design and manufacturing process ensures that customers can expect delivery of the final product in as little as 14 days from when the order was placed.


The absence of Canvas or tent material offers occupants maximum protection against unwanted intrusion.

Comfort and Convenience

The Tago's unique pop-up system can retract and deploy in less than 60 seconds. It utilizes a mechanical system that minimizes the risk of malfunction. The roof can retract without the need for queen size bed and bedding to be stowed, so when arriving at your next destination the bed is made and ready to welcome you

Protection from the elements

The Tago's solid wall construction offers maximum protection against inclement weather. No tent or canvas flapping in the wind or getting soaked in the rain.


The Tago's solid insulated wall construction also offers superior noise protection and privacy.


Tago Campers can be designed to fit any model of bakkie.


The Tago Camper can slide on and off allowing to convert their Camper into a Commercial/Utility Vehicle for day to day operations.

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